Tournament phases:

  1. Registrations 
  2. In-game qualifiers 
  3. Pre-qualifiers – Online Playoffs Round 1
  4. Qualifiers – Online Playoffs Round 2
  5. Grand Finals

The process of in-game qualifiers is different this time. Once registered, the registered players are required to play 10 classic mode matches  (TPP) in the span for 5 days (21st Aug – 25th Aug) 8 best matches out of the 10 will be considered for qualification to the online playoffs.

Criteria for the Teams to qualify In-game qualifiers are based on placement point & kill points. 

In case of overlap, the following will be considered –

  • Number of kills
  • Total Damage
  • Number of Headshots

252 teams  qualified from the in-game qualifiers with 4 invited Influencers team i.e. total of 256 teams would be playing pre-qualifiers.

They will be divided into 16 groups and each team will play 2 matches. 

16 groups (1 group = 16 teams) would be formed.

Each group will have a total of 16 teams and will play the best of 2 matches (Maps: Erangel & Sanhok).
Three teams from each group with the best cumulative score (Placement points + Kills points) will move on to Online qualifiers (Round 2).

No, only mobile phones are allowed in the tournament.

No, triggers and emulators or any other add-on devices are strictly prohibited. Team/players will be disqualified if found to be using additional devices.

  • For in-game qualifiers: There will be no lobbies for in-game qualifiers. A squad has to play a minimum of 8 Classic Mode matches and a maximum of 10 Classic mode matches together in the span of 5 days (21st Aug – 25th Aug). Top 8 scores from the matches played would be considered.
  • For Online Qualifiers: Lobby ID and password will be shared with you on community platforms like Whatsapp or Discord before the match by tournament organizers. You will receive an invite link to the community.

No, you can’t use unregistered players once the tournament begins.

Yes you can edit the team members by visiting the edit profile.

You can find the scoring criteria and distribution in the Rulebook.

The team name cannot be changed after registration. The submitted name will be used for further proceedings until the next round of qualifications. You can mail us your concerns for further clarifications.

As per the rule book, all players need to be above 16 years of age. You have to be 16 years as of 12th Aug, 2020 to be eligible to participate.

The 16 teams are invited during Round 2 based on top teams from PMCO SA and PMBC 2019. 4 Top Influencers teams are invited during Round 1.